The world advances because of

The world advances because of

Behind every technological change are innovators who have embraced challenge for many years behind the scenes. With immense effort and repeated trial and errors, new creations arise. Recently, we have seen that these changes often spring out of medical, biological, robotics, machine learning, and other deep tech fields.

We believe that innovation happens not in major companies, but from start-ups that are able to take high risks. We believe that supporting start-ups will bring invaluable changes to society.

Although the number of communities supporting internet ventures has grown immensely over the years, there is still a lack of the same support system for medical and robotics startups.

Its potential may not be obvious just yet, but start-ups will bring great changes to the world. Our mission is to bring value to society by building a community for seed-stage start-ups and encouraging the exchange of knowledge amongst them.

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